Albert II, Prince of Monaco
(crédit photo : Gaetan Luci / Palais princier)


Welcome to the website of The Foundation for Post Conflict Development (FPCD). The FPCD has a branch in Monaco known as the Post Conflict Development Association that is proudly under the High Patronage of HSH Prince Albert II of Monaco. HSH Prince Albert II is well-versed in international affairs, philanthropy, communication, financial management, and many other fields, and his commitment to humanitarian aid and to protecting the environment is widely recognized. He continues to lead the Monegasque delegation to the General Assembly of the United Nations and his Principality with distinction.



We believe Peace has a dynamism that transcends fragility. Peace and its interconnectivity to development, requires balance, a neutral space to engage, a series of concrete steps with seamless transitions for progress, and, above all, it requires inspiring innovation. 
Peace is fluid. It may falter or fall, but with additional energy and resources, it recovers. It requires a range of disciplined and dedicated flexible participants, who create and align to a common vision, and who, in the end, are willing to coalesce and move as one. That is why our strategy is to D.A.N.C.E.
Our experts learned over decades of humble and incremental experience what is important in order to create sustainable development. This includes what FPCD defines as D.A.N.C.E.  Each letter stands for a crucial ingredient in post conflict development.
Namely D. Diplomacy A. Award N. Navigate. C Collaborate. E. Eradicate
D.A.N.C.E unites the lessons of past, weaves inter- cultural understanding and embraces hope of a reimagined future.
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Assisting women means safeguarding peace and empowering the community stewards for development. As facilitators of peace, women are the primary custodians, and therefore, for peace to prevail, they require specialized assistance and interventions to transition from fragility and find their pathways to peace.



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The Foundation for Post Conflict Development
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Post Conflict Development Association of Monaco
c/o the Office 17, Ave Albert II 98000, Monaco

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    Eradicate poverty, elevate and empower through diplomacy and development highlighting best practices and educate organizations, corporations, and other stakeholders.
    Collaborate for the future of development with our Institute for Post Conflict Development through videography, for all g7+ member countries to use as a reference.
    Navigate development through negotiation and diplomacy and improving fragility by advancing successful projects and project management, such as the Prince Rainier III Maternity Clinic.
    Award excellence in diplomacy and development leadership through the Prince Albert II Leadership in Post Conflict Development Award.
    Deliver diplomatic, country-owned and country-led development modalities with a focus on inclusive participation.