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For wire funds donations, international or domestic, please find our Merrill Lynch account and wiring instructions: 

ABA 026009593

[International Banks can Use SWIFT-BIC: BOFAUS3N]

Bank of America, N.A. 100 West 33rd Street New York, NY 10001 a/c 6550113516

Name: Merrill Lynch

Ref: For final credit: Account 5AV-02405

Name: The Foundation for Post Conflict Development

Friends of the Foundation

In order to reach our short-and long-term goals, in 2020 the FPCD developed the Friends of the Foundation for Post Conflict Development (FFPCD). The FFPCD program is an innovative partnership program for Organizations or Individuals that meet the requirements to contribute to, or participate in, the peacebuilding and statebuilding process. These parties not only commit to a recurring contribution, but combine that contribution with a commitment to custom designed short- and long-term projects. We encourage our Friends to act as a conduit in their professional and/or personal community by hosting a fundraising event, establishing an event and/or seeking commitments from like-minded clients. Our Friends allow us to partner with other leaders around the world to support our objectives. All contributions are fully tax deductible.

Foundation, Corporate, and Government Partners

The Foundation for Post Conflict Development thanks our generous partners. To learn how your organization can work with the FPCD, please contact our Office at [email protected]

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Give back to the FPCD through Amazon Smile! You can easily contribute to us while doing your regular online shopping at no extra cost.

For more details please contact us at [email protected]

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