FPCD /g7+ Conference

Signing Ceremony of Memorandum of Understanding between the g7+ Secretariat and the FPCD

Transitioning from Fragility: Solutions for Reimagining Development. 

A conference co-hosted by the g7+ and The Foundation for Post Conflict Development on 29 June 2022 in Lisbon, Portugal At the Headquarters of the g7+ in the Sidelines of UN Ocean Conference Time to be determined (Hybrid in person and Via Zoom depends on UN) By Invitation only. Introduction: The g7+ and The Foundation for Post Conflict Development (FPCD) will host a conference with our key advisors and stakeholders to discuss the necessary transition from fragility toward a new imagined development that includes protection of the oceans and its impact on g7+ countries. The FPCD in its capacity as neutral bridge and trusted partner to the g7+ and post conflict communities will introduce its new program D.A.N.C.E. in benefit of g7+ and fragile communities. This seminar will be part of the Prince Albert II of Monaco Leadership in Post Conflict Development Award and features past award winners and include awarding the first world leader award. The subject matter and outcome of the seminar will also form part of the Award Programme that links to the United Nations Civil Society priorities in line with its objectives defined by the UN Department of Global Communications. Rationale: There is a need to reimagine development through the lens of developing, fragile and post conflict countries. FPCD and the g7+ reinforce their respective missions as they address the world’s current, foremost threats to peace, health, and progress for families in post-conflict and fragile communities. Invitees: All FPCD members including the International Advisory Board, g7+ country representatives and affiliated non-profit organizations; key stakeholders; Prince Albert II of Monaco Leadership in Post Conflict Development Awardees. Format: 90-minutes divided by a list of speakers and open discussion. Desired Outcome of Conference: The outcome of the conference will:
  • Broaden global awareness of problems related to fragility by identifying and relying on local solutions;
  • Build momentum that will attract talent and resources to development projects;
  • Cross-border team building relying on south-south, triangular, south-fragile and north
fragile cooperation; best practices and good governance, with FPCD as a bridge;
  • Other matters to arise from conference participants
  • FPCD inaugurated its Prince Albert II Leadership in Post Conflict Development Award
Lisbon, Portugal, June 29, 2022 in August 2019. This award program aims at empowering young leaders from different backgrounds by offering them training on post conflict development and global sustainability. The FPCD believes in the power of education to inspire change and to build a new generation of leaders engaged in creating a sustainable world.

Remarks by Claudia Abate, Founder and Executive Director of the FPCD On the occasion of the Signing Ceremony between the g7plus and FPCD

Your Excellencies, Representatives of the g7+, Honored guests, Thank you all for witnessing this monumental occasion. First, I would like to express my deepest and most heartfelt gratitude to His Serene Highness Prince Albert II of Monaco, and His Excellency, Xanana Gusmao, for entrusting me, so many years ago with my vision for the Foundation for Post Conflict Development – Inspired by my United Nations career which included organizing the ceremonies of the 2002 restoration of Timor- Leste’s independence. FPCD was founded in 2005 to bridge those in need, to those with capacity, with concrete projects that fulfill the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. With the Prince Rainier III maternity clinic, the first of its kind, we embarked on a true country-owned and country-led process. As a non-profit organization, the FPCD has not reinvented the wheel – we redirected the focus. As an intergovernmental entity, the g7+ has done the same. Together, we provide a reimagined development trajectory full of potential. It was a very conscious decision to sign this accord, right here in Lisbon, at the g7+ European HQ and in the sidelines of the UN Ocean Conference. In 1979, Princess Grace of Monaco visited Timorese refugee camps here in Val Do Jamor, Portugal. Her humanitarian heart inspired a generation. Today we stand here with that very generation. With the same heart, His Serene Highness Prince Albert II, continues his mother’s legacy. He stands alongside Xanana Gusmao, the father of the generation who built a thriving nation in Timor-Leste, and, who now leads all others like it through a forum known as the g7+. While remaining true to our mission, today the FPCD commits to advocate through the eyes of the developing rather than through the lens of the developed and the principles which the g7+advocates. In turn, we promise to be bold and innovative in applying those principles to practice. Although I founded the FPCD, it doesn’t belong to me. It belongs to all of you. Whilst we are guided by Muriel Bubbio, President of the Monaco branch, with Mark Sandel, member of the Council of Administration, Missy Stephens from the Asia pacific, Yeni Pereira from Timor-Leste, and Jacky Deromedi, President of the International Advisory Board. We cannot do it alone. Therefore, let today be a Call to Action, for other actors in the global community to follow our lead. I strongly believe that it is through non-traditional donors and non-traditional partnerships, that the most can be achieved for sustainable development. Today 2 billion people live in conflict and fragility. So let us dare to reimagine development. They are the depending on us. Map of G7+ countries
Map of G7+ countries
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