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MJ Slinger

FCreative Director, Advisor to the Board

MJ Slinger is one of Australia’s most prized exports. His illustrious Broadway career includes appearing in Hello Dolly starring Bette Midler, Evita starring Ricky Martin, How to Succeed in Business starring Daniel Radcliffe, Westside Story, Billy Elliot, Matilda, and Side Show. In 2021, MJ has joined the creative team of the Broadway musical Mrs. Doubtfire and the upcoming Broadway production of Almost Famous. He has performed in both film and television; most notable televised credits include the Tony awards, the Academy Awards and the Kennedy Center Honors and he has worked as an associate director on the West End musical Mythic. MJ was the first Australian to graduate from the Julliard School with a BFA in dance and the first Australian to be accepted to the American ballet Theatre School in New York City. MJ was tapped by the FPCD as a future thought leader to guide FPCD through the organizational transition in 2021 and has now accepted the role of creative director.

Jeremy Zalewski

Chief of Staff

Jeremy is a Law and International Relations student in Sydney, Australia. He began a legal internship with the FPCD in 2018, and throughout his time working with the foundation he has served as a United Nations Youth Representative, Deputy-Head of Interns, and Youth Advisor to the Board. Most notably, he contributed to the creation and development of the inaugural Prince Albert II of Monaco Leadership in Post-Conflict Development Award, as well as the FPCD 2020-2025 Strategy and Framework: D.A.N.C.E.

Jeremy has been recipient of the 2017 Australian Defense Force Long Tan Youth Leadership and Teamwork Award, 2017 Global Strategic Development Corporation’s Excellence in the Arts Award, and the 2018 Stephens and Associates International Peace-building and State-building Leadership Award.

In his spare time, Jeremy is a Social Justice Director on his university’s Student Law Society, and he is also an avid performer, director, and producer for local community music theatre projects.

With a passion for creative and artistic approaches to development and diplomacy, Jeremy now works closely with FPCD’s CEO and Founder, Ms Claudia Abate, facilitating the progress that the foundation has made in post-conflict and fragile contexts across the globe.

Jordan Dixon

International Medical Advisor

I am excited to join the global family of FPCD and contribute to their remarkable work in g7+ countries as an international medical advisor. I am dedicated to advocating and working towards the empowerment of communities to achieve the UN sustainability goals and look forward to providing a medical lens. Utilizing my knowledge, lived experience and insight, I am committed to increasing intersectionality and diversity within medicine and striving towards equity in global clinical practice. I have a special interest in obstetrics and gynecology and hope to further specialize during my career as a doctor.

Faith Bogue

Advisor to the Board of Directors

Faith is an accomplished intrapreneur in the business world. She enjoys solving hard problems and building structure out of chaos. Her other talents include leading and building high performance teams which include a cohesive community around a shared vision. This means she is well versed in building and running human centric programs, processes, and businesses. Faith has experience in building the brand and story of both non-profits and startups in the US and Singapore markets. She has managed various teams which are very diverse and represent many cultures. Faith has also been a TEDx speaker, former non-profit board member, and avid traveler and so much more!

Anais Culotto 

Youth Representative [2018- ]

Anais was the winner of the Prince Albert II Leadership in Post Conflict Development Award in 2019.

Friends of the Foundation

The FPCD is indebted to the many individuals who have supported our work since its founding.

Frank and Ulla Abate (in memoriam)

H.R.H. Princess Camilla of

Bourbon Two Sicilies

Ambassador Giulio Terzi

Ambassador Gaspar Martins

Ambassador Martin Andjaba

Ambassador Jose Maria Chaves ( in memoriam)


Richard Jordan

Professor Hinrich Kaiser

Ted Folke

Amanda Neshiewat

Michelle Tafur

Judy Tashji

Michael Tashji

Andrew Brooks

Christine Kaiser

Dianne Davis

Maya Serkin

Terrence Leong

Christy Grace Provines

Caroline Aldrin

Ana Baric

Konstantina Yaneva

Gabriella Elanbeck

David Gethings

Arielle Messuti

Dianne Davis

Dr. Thomas P. Rosandich ( in

Dr Thomas J. Rosandich

Dean Cycon

Kristen Ireland

Rachel McCroy

Ivan Kotchetkov

Jim Luce

Maria E. Salma

Dr. Jeffery Blander

Jennifer Ehrentraut

Talia Macauley

Alex Townsend-Drake

Chiranjeeb Das

Joseph Stefanelli

Nina Perruchet

Gaultier Deemester

John McGuire

Albert II, Prince of Monaco
(crédit photo : Gaetan Luci / Palais princier)


Head of State – Principality of Monaco

Born in 1958 in Monaco, H.S.H. Prince Albert II is the Sovereign Prince of the Principality of
Monaco, one of the smallest but most prosperous countries in the world. He is the son of
Prince Rainier III and American actress Grace Kelly.

He graduated in 1981 from Amherst College MA. He accomplished a military training
period within the French Navy in 1982 on board the Helicopter Carrier “Jeanne d’Arc”.
Prince Albert II succeeded His father in July of 2005.

In 2006, he launched His foundation “Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation” dedicated to
fight climate change, preserve water and defend biodiversity. Earlier that year He traveled
by dog sled to the North Pole raising public awareness on the danger of climate change
and global warming.

In 2009, He spent three weeks in Antarctica visiting scientific stations.
As Head of State and President of His Foundation, Prince Albert II has been honored by
numerous prizes from organizations around the world for His contribution and actions in
favor of the protection of our environment.

Following the policy engaged by His father, Prince Rainier III, Prince Albert II is committed
to ethics and transparency regarding the economic development in Monaco, His country
complying with all the international standards.

He is also a former Olympian athlete in Bobsleigh (5 participations at the Winter Olympic
games), Member of the IOC and the Chairman of the IOC Sustainable and Legacy
Commission since 2014.

Prince Albert II married in 2011 Charlene Wittstock a South African national.
In December of 2014, H.S.H. Princess Charlene gave birth to two children (twins) named
Jacques and Gabriella.


Jacky Deromedi

President of the International Advisory Board

Presiding Chairman and Managing Director of APRIM S.A. France and APRIM (FAR EAST) PTE LTD respectively, Jacky Deromedi has played a vital role as the current President of the International Advisory Board. One of her most recent decorations include “Officier de l’Ordre National du Mérite (France)” which was granted to her 8th May 2011. She has professionally and successfully represented her fellow French citizens leaving abroad with her countless contributions as an influential candidate in several government/private based pivotal sectors all around the country. Her voluntary activities are nothing to look short of as she is also serving as the President of Foundation Prince Albert II de Monaco – Asian Branch

His Excellency Xanana Gusmão

Former President and Prime Minister of Timor-Leste

After a time of peaceful anti-colonial activism, the challenge of Indonesia’s unjust and violent occupation of his homeland catapulted José Alexandre Gusmão to a prominent leadership position in the Timorese resistance and earned him the nom-de-guerre Kay Rala Xanana. After his capture by Indonesian forces in 1992, he continued to advocate for a peaceful resolution of the invasion from his jail cell, which eventually resulted in a UN-administered referendum and his release from captivity in 1999. With the restoration of Timor-Leste’s independence in 2002, Xanana was elected the country’s first post-invasion president. He declined to seek a second term and instead transitioned to a more active role in politics as Prime Minister at the head of a coalition government. Under his leadership, Timor-Leste elevated its profile internationally by helping initiate the g7+ forum and by the creation of a Strategic Development Plan, potentially duplicable in other fragile and post-conflict countries, that is closely aligned to the UN Strategic Development Goals.

His Excellency Christian Wenaweser

Ambassador of Liechtenstein to the UN

A trained linguist with skills in several European languages, HE Christian Wenaweser was appointed Ambassador and Permanent Representative to the United Nations from Liechtenstein in 2002. Since then, he has been a very active participant in the UN system with work that has included Security Council reform, leadership roles in the International Criminal Court, and work with the Human Rights Council. He has a long standing interest in global justice and inclusivity.

His Excellency Nassir Al-Nasser

Ambassador of Qatar to the UN

HE Nassir Al-Nasser is an accomplished diplomat with a rank of Minister, granted by His Highness the Emir of the State of Qatar. He served as the President of the Sixty-Sixth Session of the UN General Assembly. HE Al-Nasser continues to serve his country as Ambassador and Permanent Representative of Qatar to the United Nations. He has long focused on peace and security, sustainable development, and south-south cooperation.

Julia Cheng

Founder, Cyberlaw Studio

I am a business and technology lawyer specializing in general corporate, digital media, technology licensing and internet law matters with clients based in New York, Los Angeles, and San Francisco. For more than 15 years, I work with for profit and nonprofit clients through the life cycle of a business, from business formation to capital raise, product, and business development, to achieving industry recognition (Emmy, Google Best Apps, Ted Prize Finalist, etc.) and partnership deals with Fortune 500 companies including Apple, Amazon, Facebook, Google, Microsoft, IBM, Disney, CNN, Viacom, GE, Samsung and NFL. I advise clients on corporate matters ranging from corporate and securities, mergers and acquisitions, to capital raise through various equity/debt financing transactions involving crowdfunding platforms, angels and venture capital. Digital media clients are counseled on matters related to the development, publishing, and distribution of mobile apps, podcasts, videos, copyright and trademark protection, social e-commerce, Internet and data privacy issues. I routinely draft or negotiate technology licensing and development agreements, MSAs, VSAs, SRAs, SOWs and SLAs. I assist with forming non-profit organizations, from initial incorporation to seeking 501(c)(3) tax-exempt status. I advise existing non-profits on non-profit/for-profit structures such as joint ventures, contract hybrids, for-profit spin-offs and benefit corporations, locally and internationally based.


During my spare time, I serve on the Board and act as President of Out In Tech Inc., the largest non-profit for LGBT tech community with 40,000+ members nationwide, and on the Advisory Board of Kopernik, a UN award recipient non-profit that tackles the distribution challenges of getting life-changing technologies to people living in the remote parts of the developing world.

Yolanda F. Johnson

President, YFJ Consulting, LLC; Founder, Women of Color in Fundraising and Philanthropy; President, Women in Development, NY

Yolanda Johnson is an expert in the nonprofit sector and has helped raise funds for many organizations. She gives back to causes supporting racial and gender equality, those with disabilities, and the arts. Yolanda is the founder of several organizations that assist women.

Dr. Mark Sandel

International Advisory Board and Member of the Council of Administration, Post Conflict Development Association of Monaco

Dr. Mark Sandel, Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.), is an experienced Advisor with a long history of working in the research industry. He has many well-honed skills that can be applied to International Business, Risk Assessment, International Relations and Entrepreneurship. His strong professional skills were developed in International Relations and National Security Studies from Ecole des Hauts Etudes Diplomatiques et Strategiques, Paris, France.


Prince Albert of Monaco Leadership in Post Conflict Development Award Winners


Bérénice Bardonnet


Maria Do Céu Jorge Oliveira Gusmão

Maria Do Céu Jorge Oliveira Gusmão, born July 21st, 1995, is a young leader from Timor-Leste. She is a student Institute of Business at Dili, majoring in Information and Communication Technology. She is a consultant for UNICEF Dili, chief of the division Information and Communication Technology of the Alumni Parlamentu Foinsa’e Timor-Leste (alumni parliament) and a former member of the Young Women Making Change group. Maria Do Céu was also a contributor to the media outlet Tafara.tl.

Francelina Soares de Jesus

Francelina Soares de Jesus, born May 19th, 2001, is a young leader from Timor-Leste. She is a student at the Dom Thomas schools at Liquedoe. She represented the young women of Aileu in front of the National Parliament of Timor-Leste and participated in several meetings on young women leadership. Francelina is also a member of the Youth Parliament of TimorLeste, as a representant of her municipality.

Justine Rose

Justine Rose, born December 17th, 20002, is a young leader from Monaco. She is a high school student at Lycée Albert I de Monaco, majoring in literature. She is involved in several charity organizations and participated in Model United Nations sessions.

Anais Culotto

Anaïs Culotto, born July 30th, 1998, is a young leader from Monaco. She is a sophomore student at the International University of Monaco, majoring in Communication and Event  Management. She currently works for the Grimaldi Forum and she participated in the organization of the 30th anniversary of the Convention on the rights of the child in Monaco. In her university, Anaïs initiated a project on ocean preservation and helped launching the campaign “Objective Zero Plastic” during the Monaco Ocean Week in March 2019.

Anais Culotto – Youth Representative / Winner, Prince Albert II Leadership in Post Conflict Development Award

United Nations Interns 2022

Alix Touézé-Rémédiani

Helena Lorentzen

Talid Ariss

Kalkidn Horlock

Claudia Abate-Debat

FPCD Founder, Executive Director and Chair of the Board of Directors

Claudia Abate-Debat is a respected and trusted advisor to Heads of State, Heads of Government, and Sovereigns. Her expertise and recognition encompasses working with philanthropists, governments, the United Nations, and non-profit organizations. Her work has been honored with a nomination for the Seoul Peace Prize. Today, the Foundation for Post Conflict Development is a leading organization for advocacy, education, and project delivery in fragile and conflict-affected countries.


Founder Claudia Abate-Debat has nearly three decades of international experience in post-conflict countries with governmental, inter-governmental, and non-profit sectors. Claudia was an international civil servant of the United Nations for over a decade. She served during some of history’s most recent and significant summits in the UN Security Council, UN General Assembly, and other UN systems and in this capacity had advisory influence on many global leaders. By participating in Democracy-in-Action, UN Electoral Observation duties, Peacekeeping Missions (UNFEOM, UNTAET), and UN Special Missions Claudia gained invaluable experiences that helped shape her ideas and passion.

Near the end of her UN tenure, Claudia felt compelled to personally contribute to the world’s most fragile countries. She brought two like-minded leaders together to solve some of the world’s most enduring challenges: His Excellency Xanana Gusmão, then President of Timor-Leste, and His Serene Highness Prince Albert II of Monaco. They pioneered a country-owned, community-led development process to ease the suffering of humanity’s most vulnerable. Claudia’s inspiration, ideas, and actions were transformed into the FPCD in 2005.


During her time as Special Advisor for Investment and Development to Xanana Gusmão, first during his tenure as President, then as Prime Minister of Timor-Leste from 2006–2013, Claudia worked diligently to bring landmark projects to this new country. This included the Prince Rainier III Maternity Clinic in Samé Municipality, which became possible through the contributions of the Monaco Red Cross and the Timor-Leste Ministry of Health through Claudia’s diplomatic mettle and goal-oriented activities. This facility has become the landmark clinic for Timor-Leste’s Ministry of Health, with over 60 newborns delivered per month while ensuring the health of their mothers. This maternity clinic’s groundbreaking success can be duplicated in other fragile countries.

Missy Stephens

Vice Chair of the Board, g7+ Liaison

Missy represents countries and their leaders, Heads of State, Heads of Government, and Sovereigns. She is known for navigating highly complex political landscapes from the International Court of Justice to the United Nations. Missy is trusted to deliver innovative global solutions, including the development of the g7+, an organization of 20 UN member countries united in transitioning from fragility, and has contributed to important global architectures, such as the the New Deal for Engagement in Fragile States and SDG 16: Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions. Missy is proud to serve the FPCD, its Founder, CEO, and Chairwoman, Claudia Abate-Debat, and the FPCD high patron, His Serene Highness Prince Albert II of Monaco. Whilst Missy’s work is recognized by world leaders, she believes her greatest achievement is her two adult children, Caleb and Tessa.

Muriel Bubbio

President FPCD Monaco and Board of Directors

Muriel is passionate about helping young graduates professionally integrate into the private sector of the Principality of Monaco. She continues to build links between students of higher education and the business world in the Principality. As president of the PCD Association of Monaco she collaborates with the FPCD under the same vision, mission, and core values, but with its own agenda and distinct projects. The first joint project was the launch of the Midwife Capacity Building Project. This is a midwives’ skills development training based in Monaco. Our hope is to bring more midwives from post-conflict countries to Monaco for training. Midwives in our client countries play a critical role in engaging with women in their communities, encouraging them to follow healthy medical practices, give birth in a safe environment, and ultimately lead to a more peaceful and stable community.

Yeni Pereira

Board of Directors

Yeni has over a decade of experience as an Operational Manager in Human Resources. Her duties include managing staff, programs, budgets and working with many international organizations (United Nations, UN Development Programme, USAID, and the private sector) and she is very skilled at all these duties.

Since 2015, Yeni has been the Human Recourse Director for CARE International in Timor-Leste (CITL). Her extensive knowledge in policies and her decision-making skills help her lead and coordinate with key senior staff, located both nationally and internationally. Yeni’s strategic knowledge has contributed to developing CITL long-term programs and their implementation. Other strategy Yeni has contributed to includes the Gender & empowerment Strategy and CARE Partnership Strategy.

Yeni is a key component to the emergency and humanitarian response in Timor-Leste. She is also a Board Member of MALUK TIMOR (a national NGO, transforming healthcare in community health centers). As a Timorese leader Yeni’s extensive cultural knowledge is critical to implementing education programs and addressing gender equality, especially to the marginalize people of Timor-Leste.



The Foundation for Post Conflict Development (FPCD) is a not-for-profit organization. It has three tiers of leadership to provide a transparent, accountable, and globally recognized structure. The FPCD is recognized as a tax-exempt, charitable organization under U.S. Internal Revenue Code section 501(c)(3). Public inspection of legal documents, copies of the FPCD annual federal tax return (Form 990), tax-exempt application, IRS tax exemption determination letter, or FPCD annual reports are available without additional charge, other than reasonable fees for copying and postage, by writing to the FPCD Office. A copy of the official registration and annual report may be obtained from the New York State Department of Law, Charities Bureau, 28 Liberty Street, New York, NY 10005, USA, or by calling +1-212-416-8401, or by visiting their website at www.charitiesnys.com. Our New York Registration number is 21-33-70.

At the head of the Foundation is the International Advisory Board comprising two world leaders, FROM THE DEVELOPED AND DEVELOPING WORLD, who provide vision for the Foundation. Leading this group is His Serene Highness Prince Albert II of Monaco, joined by His Excellency Xanana Gusmão, former President and former Prime Minister of Timor-Leste. This is the type of leadership/partnership that helps create award-winning projects that succeed. Perspectives of a developed and developing country create a climate where initiatives meet the needs of the people.

The Board of Directors is chaired by FPCD founder Claudia Abate-Debat. The role of the Board includes governing, directing, and monitoring the organization’s business affairs and operations in two broad areas, overall organizational performance and overall compliance/conformance. The Board ensures that the organization develops and implements strategies and supporting policies to enable FPCD to fulfill the objectives set out in its constitution. The Board delegates the day-to-day operations of the organization to the management team via the CEO but remains accountable to all stakeholders for the organization’s performance. The Board continuously monitors and supports management. In terms of overall compliance and conformance, the Board ensures that the organization develops and implements systems, processes, and procedures to enable it to comply with best practices and its set organizational objectives. It sets the agenda, is responsible for all decisions, operations, and implementation of the Strategic Development Plan, oversees administration and project management, and oversees the operational leadership for the day-to-day running of every activity under the Foundation’s purview. 

The Board is responsible for the overall governance, management, and strategic direction of the organization and for delivering accountable corporate performance in accordance with the organization’s goals and objectives. This responsibility is set out in the organization’s constitution. In performing its role the Board will be:

• Providing strategic direction to the organization and deciding upon the organization’s strategies and objectives in conjunction with the CEO.

• Monitoring the strategic direction of the organization and the attainment of its strategies and objectives in conjunction with the executive.

• Monitoring the operational and financial position and performance of the organization generally.

• Driving organizational performance so as to deliver member value or benefit.

• Assuring a prudential and ethical base to the organization’s conduct and activities in regard to the relevant interests of its stakeholders.

• Assuring the principal risks faced by the organization are identified, and overseeing that appropriate control and monitoring systems are in place to manage the impact of these risks.

• Reviewing and approving the organization’s internal compliance and control systems and codes of conduct.

• Assuring that the organization’s financial and other reporting mechanisms are designed to result in adequate, accurate, and timely information being provided to the Board.

• Appointing and, when appropriate, removing the CEO, monitoring other key executive appointments, and planning for executive succession.

• Overseeing and evaluating the performance of the CEO and, through the CEO, receiving reports on the performance of other senior executives in the context of the organization’s strategies and objectives, and their attainment.

• Ensuring that the organization’s affairs are conducted with transparency and accountability.

• Overseeing the design, implementation and periodic review of appropriate and effective policies, processes, and codes for the organization, which may include, with respect to ethics, values, conduct, securities trading, disclosure of securities’ price-sensitive information, employment, remuneration, diversity, and similar issues.

• Ensuring sound Board succession planning including strategies to assure the Board is composed of individuals who are able to meet the responsibilities of directors of the organization.

• Overseeing member and stakeholder engagement, reporting, and information flow.

The Board is responsible for the overall governance, management, and strategic direction of the organization and for delivering accountable corporate performance in accordance with the organization’s goals and objectives. This responsibility is set out in the organization’s constitution. In performing its role the Board will be:

United Nations

The FPCD prides itself on being an active supporter of the United Nations and incorporates into its work the latest initiatives defined by the international community. This is some of our work aligned to the UN Charter and Millennium Development Goals and now the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs): 


United Nations Global Compact signatory since 2006, with FPCD incorporating the Compact into Memorandums of Understanding with all whom the Foundation forms partnerships with.


FPCD is associated with the UN Department of Public Information since 2009 and help achieve the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals by maintaining an active team of UN Representatives, including youth representatives. Team members have organized symposiums, moderated panel discussions, and participated as either speakers or supporters of UN organized briefings.


FPCD was nominated for a UN Population Award, 2009, for the creation of the Prince Rainier III Maternity Clinic in Timor-Leste. This landmark, pilot project was a success and is incorporated into the Government of Timor-Leste’s National Strategic Plan for implementation in 60 subdistricts.


FPCD received two UN Staff 1% Development Fund Grants for the construction of two youth centers in Timor-Leste.


FPCD is a member of the United Nations Academic Impact, which aligns higher education institutions with the United Nations by actively supporting ten universally accepted principles in the areas of human rights, literacy, sustainability, and conflict resolution.


FPCD supported the International Year of Youth, 2010-2011, themed “Dialogue and Mutual Understanding,” declared by the 64th United Nations General Assembly, by developing several youth centers, with continued follow-up.


FPCD supported the International Year of Biodiversity, 2010, and partnered to design amphibian and reptile postage stamps for issuance in Timor-Leste.